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Electric Bike Tenways CGO600

Agile commuter e-bike for every style of life.


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Born for the city

Agile commuter e-bike that suits every style of life. This nimble e-bike is powerful enough to weave through the crowded streets, and lightweight enough to be lifted by a single hand.

– Battery: 252 Wh
– Range: 70 KM
– Net Weight: 15 KG
– Assistance Delay: 0 S
– Brushless Hub Motor
– Magnetic Torque Sensor
– Gates Carbon Belt
– Integrated Battery
– Sporty Geometry
– Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Smooth Ride

The powered ride is silky smooth and lightweight, and if you do decide to turn the power off, enjoy the CGO600 like a regular bike.

Instant Power

Kick-start your commute with an instant motor boost. Enjoy assistance that comes with no delay.

Ultimate Fun

The CGO600 senses your every move and matches your pace, amplifying the fun. Experience the freedom of assisted urban exploration.

Unleash the City Beast

Brushless Hub Motor

The 250W hub motor is stealthy and smooth. Hear no more than a slight hum at the max power output.

Gates Carbon Belt

Durable, reliable, and never slips. The belt drive train offers 30,000km (18,600 miles) of care-free travel.

Magnetic Torque Sensor

Translate your every movement into motor power. A necessity on slopes, and luxury on flat roads.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Reliable braking power. Reduced wear and tear.

Concise Display

Simple, stylish,and easy to read on the go, while still providing all the information you need.

Quick charge Battery

Elegantly hidden in the downtube, needing only 2.5 hours to fully charge.

Connect with The TENWAYS App

Your journey deserves a journal. Our App is available on both App Store and Google Play, to help you track your story.

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