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Sparco Dual Pro Electric Scooter


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3000W Dual Motors Peak Power


Dual Suspension System

Spacious Deck (8.7 × 21 inches) and Higher Ground Clearance

F/R Tire: 10 inch × 3.0 Wide off road Tires

Sparco Dual Pro


– Body material: Aluminum alloy
– Wheel Size: 10 inch off road inflatable tyre
– Motor:60V 2*1200W
– Battery:Chinese Lithium battery
– Max Speed: 60-65km/h
– Suspension: Front+rear hydraulic suspension
– Speedometer:LCD display
– Brake: Front &Rear hydraulic brake+Electric brake
– Light :Head lamp+front&rear deck light+RGB light+brake light
– Bell
– EU plug

30° Hill-Climbing Gradeability

The sporty dual motors help to power up steep inclines effortlessly.

Higher Ground Clearance

The remarkable ground clearance creates more room to flatten rugged terrains, making the off-road exploration off the beaten track a walkover.

Changeable Lights via the APP

The color and rhythm of the lights on Dual Pro are customizable through the APP on the smartphone. Let the lights dance with the rhythm and your mood.

12 Selectable Speed Modes

Turbo/Eco button × Single/Dual motor selection × 3 gear modes on the display= 12 different speed modes usable to tackle different tasks on the road.

Foldable & Portable

Easy to unfold and fold Titan to carry around without any extra tool as it only weighs 64.5lbs.

F/R Disc Brakes+ EABS(140mm)

The dual front and rear disc brakes along with the EABS can be activated just by a push of the button, generating responsive
and sufficient stopping power in time.

Dual Charging Ports

Two charging ports for you to plug two chargers into the scooter at once to cut the time needed to as little as only 5 hours.

Spacious Deck (8.7 × 21 inches)

The spacious deck is similar to a roomy cabin of the SUV. The rider will be given an adequate space to stand on the deck steadily and comfortably.

Higher Ground Clearance

The remarkable ground clearance not only creates more room to flatten rugged terrains, but help to absorb road shocks for a smoother ride.

F/R Suspensions

Full suspension system with the upgraded suspension springs enables riders to soar through the roughest terrains and cushion jumps
off of obstacles.

No Stem Wobbles

Sturdily-built stem doubles the rigidity and durability, ensuring no wobbling while riding.

IP54 Water Resistance Rating

The scooter is protected against external elements, such as dust or water.  Riders can ride through splashes of water confidently.

F/R Tire: 10 inch × 3.0 Wide off road Tires

10 inch × 3.0 off road fat vacuum tires contribute to stable traction and agile movement; all sorts of challenging terrains underneath your feet can be conquered easily.

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