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Sparco MAX S2 Electric Scooter

The best way to get around the city. Reaching top speeds of 25 km/h, you can travel up to a maximum of 30 km on a single charge.
– Quick folding system.
– 7,800 mAh battery.
– Double front suspension.
– Double braking system.

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Electric Scooter Sparco

Travel up to 30 km on a single charge with the Max S2.


Equipped with a double front suspension.


Larger wheels provide better traction and braking.

Sparco MAX S2 PRO


– Battery: 36v 7.800 mAh lithium battery (smart bms)
– Powerful 350 W rear motor with 600 W max output
– Aluminium alloy
– 10 inch honeycomb tubeless tyres
– Led display
– Turn signal
– Front light + rear light + brake light
– Double suspension front
– 30km maximum distance
– 25km/h maximum speed
– Maximum load capacity: 120 kg
– Charging time: 4 hours
– Protection IPX 5 (Scooter) and IPX 7 (Battery)
– Weight: 20 kg


Safer rides

Integrated left and right turn signals create a safer ride and provide you with more visibility. Controlled via handlebar, our system is designed with both you and other drivers in mind.


Smoother journeys

Our electric scooter is equipped with a double front suspension. Also comes with front drum brakes and rear E-ABS brakes. Combined with 10” tubeless PU honeycomb tires, you can tackle slopes as drastic as 20% inclines with ease.

Spacious LED dashboard

Our dashboard comes with luminous LEDs to create a brighter, clearer display. From here, you can easily navigate between the three riding modes (eco, normal, sport). For more connectivity, sync your phone via Bluetooth.


Quick braking for sudden or unexpected stops

The MAX S2 comes equipped with a dual braking system with an electric rear brake, creating a smooth brake even over short distances or sudden stops.


Sustainability at
your fingertips

Connect your e-scooter or bike to your smartphone via Bluetooth to view lights, driving mode, speeds, and more.


Powerful battery

High performance and long-lasting cells that ride up to 30 km on a single charge.

Aerospace grade aluminum body

Aerospace grade 6 series aluminum alloy body. High resistance.

BMS system for better protection

Our scooter complies with the latest safety regulations;
EN 17128: 2020
In addition, our battery is completely protected inside an aluminum casing and has thermal protection, protection against short circuits, against intensity peaks, overloads, excessive discharges and automatic suspension due to undervoltage.

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