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Experience the thrill renting a scooter in Valencia and zip through the streets like a pro!

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Book now for our electric scooter rental and pick up yours at our beautiful store in Valencia. Enjoy your ride!

Embrace the joy of exploration: Rent an electric scooter in Valencia today and make the most of every moment in the city!


Av. del Regne de València 58
Valencia, 46000


+34 961 670 367
+34 686 325 143


Embark on an exciting adventure around Valencia on an electric scooter

Unleash your adventure finding top-quality scooters for rent now!

The store has a very modern and attractive style that invites you to enter. It sells top-quality, high-design items such as the spectacular Angell bike. The staff’s customer service is fantastic and you can try the bikes and skates they sell, which helps a lot to make up your mind.
The best place to rent scooters in Valencia! The treatment has been great, the guys who work there are very friendly and the price is very cheap, the one you look for the most. The scooter they gave me was practically new. In addition to renting, they also sell electric scooters and bicycles. If you are in Valencia and need mobility, I recommend this shop!
I recommend it to everyone, excellent prices, they put the missing screws in the bike without charging extra for parts, they were kind and left my bike like new in the complete revision with a fair price only 15.00 Euros bought with others, I’ll take my 4 bikes again! Congratulations on the service! Thank you
Thank you very much Goblue for the great service you have given us. Apart from the fact that we have loved the product (Angell bike) and we are very satisfied, we have to thank the entire team, and Alejandro in particular, for his patience and availability in helping us choose the best option for my husband. We recommend it if you doubt the product and service.
Excellent attention, predisposition and price. Highly recommended. The premium and modern scooter. Thanks Ignacio and his partner. Greetings
Delighted with the service offered, both sales and communication when managing the delivery. They knew how to adapt to my needs and facilitate the delivery with the transport company. Communication via email and whatsapp fluid and without problems. I live in Barcelona but hopefully at some point I can stop by Valencia to see your store that looks spectacular. Finally, my personal thanks to Alejandro and Guillermo for the attention received
Excellent workmanship by Nacho, cheap price and fast service, all in 1h the repair of changing wheels, a pleasure to deal with in person and via WhatsApp
They attended me and explained everything you need to know, the magnificent repair and in record time. From now on I already have my scooter workshop. Score out of 10
Impeccable store, the quality of everything is very good. The perfect workshop, they solved everything super fast and without going around too much!! recommendable
Excellent attention. The products are of excellent quality and have a spectacular design. highly recommended

What you should know

You can pay for your vehicle rental by credit card or when you pick up the vehicle at our store in the center of Valencia. (Av. del Reino de Valencia 58, Valencia, 46005).

Yes, you can change your reservation up to two hours before pick-up at no additional cost. You can also modify the date and time by choosing a new date/time to rent your vehicle. To make changes, contact us using the information that appears on your reservation.

Yes, you can cancel your reservation up to 24 hours before the pickup at no additional cost. To cancel the reservation, contact us using the information that appears on your reservation. If you should cancel in the 24 hours leading up to the reservation then we may charge a management fee.

We will provide you with a fully equipped and revised electric scooter at the time of rental. Your rental includes the safety helmet and traffic insurance.

You can easily travel throughout the city of Valencia and its surroundings. Stay on authorized roads (not motorways). Remember, you must return the vehicle on the agreed date and time or we may charge additional fees on your card for the delay.

If you have an incident with your vehicle then contact our store immediately. If the vehicle is damaged, you must inform us at the time of delivery, otherwise, we may charge you additional fees for the damage.